Professor do Ensino Superior AVALIAÇÃO DO DANO CORPORAL

Mamede Albuquerque

Rua de Tomar, nº 2, 3000/401 Coimbra



MAMEDE DE ALBUQERQUE obtained a licentiate’s degree in Medicine from Coimbra University Faculty of Medicine in 1968. He earned a PhD in Medicine in 1991. After retiring from public higher education as an Aggregate Professor in 2004, he continued his academic activities as guest professor at the Portuguese Catholic University and Coimbra University College of Arts. He currently has over thirty five years’ extensive medical experience in Forensic Traumatology, Expert Medical Reports for Social Security and Assessment of Bodily Injury.

SCIENTIFIC PAPERS (Orthopedics and Legal Medicine)

He has presented 209 scientific papers (195 in medical conventions in Portugal and 14 in medical conventions abroad). He has published 55 scientific papers (45 in Portuguese medical journals and 10 in international medical journals). He was awarded the Professor Jorge Mineiro prize in 1988.


He was on the Scientific Committee of the European Journal of Lymphology and Related Problems from 1990 to 1995. He belongs to the Scientific Council and Editorial Board of the Revista Portuguesa do Dano Corporal [Portuguese Journal of Bodily Injury] since 1991. He was Sub-Director of theRevista Portuguesa de Ortopedia [Portuguese Journal of Orthopedics] from 1992 to 1996 and Director of the same publication from 1997 to 1999.


In 1989 he was part of the work group of the European Economic Community (COMAC-BME) - “Proposal for a concerted action on quantitative assessment of osteoporosis”. In 1990 he organised the IX Meeting of the Groupement Européen de Lymphologie. In 1996 he founded, together with colleagues, the Centro de Pericias Médico-Legais de Coimbra (Coimbra Medical/Legal Expert Report Centre). He is one of the founding associates of the Portuguese Association for Assessment of Bodily Injury.


He has been a member of fifteen juries for Medical Career Examinations (fourteen in Orthopedics and one in Legal Medicine), three juries for Master’s Examinations and three for PhD Examinations. He supervised the Masters Dissertation on Occupational Health by Dr. Maria Isabel Costa Antunes, on the topic “Bone density and occupational exposure to metals”.


Foi já publicado no Diário da Assembleia da República o Decreto nº11/XIII que revoga as alterações aprovadas pelo anterior governo PSD-CDS à lei do regime especial de invalidez. Estas alterações, contidas no decreto-lei 246/2015, tinham como consequência tornar mais difícil o acesso dos...


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